How to Tell If You Need Water Main Repair

A leaky pipe within the house is frequently noticed by homeowners. Water leaking into the walls or ceiling is a sure sign that something is wrong. A leak in the pipes outside your home, on the other hand, is more difficult to notice. It’s possible that if your home needs main water line repair, the problem isn’t with a single pipe alone, but with the central water line, and this type of problem that affects the entire house might be dangerous. Fortunately, there are indications to look for if you suspect a water line leak. Here are six obvious indicators that you should call Stillwater Plumbing – to repair your water line:

Low Water Pressure

A considerable drop in water pressure is a strong indicator that a water line has broken. You’ll find it difficult to do things like wash the dishes, take a relaxing shower or even flush the toilet properly. It’s possible that a blockage is slowing down the water main if your once-strong flow is slowly dropping, or if you can’t increase water pressure using a regulator.

Cracks in the Foundation

Moisture that is always present around your foundation might potentially cause severe harm. Because concrete absorbs water, if your water main leaks underground near your home, fractures in your foundation may form.

Increased Water Bills

Perhaps the only place where leaks appear is in your budget! Throughout the year, your water bill is generally consistent. If you observe a consistent increase in your water use, it might be an indication of a damaged water line. Investigate your lawn, basement, and foundation as soon as you see an increase. If you’re spending significantly more on water, it’s time to inspect your water main.

Strange Gurgling Noises

You have a plumbing problem if you hear a weird gurgling coming from your toilets when you turn on your sink or vice versa. It’s most likely not in just one pipe. You should get a plumber to check any strange noises coming from your drains. Visit now.

Presence of Yard Puddles and Soft Spots

If you notice puddles in your yard when there is no precipitation, the water main may be leaking, especially if the puddles are above or near the main water line. You may not notice a puddle since the soil has absorbed all of the excess water, but your grass is much greener above the pipe. Additionally, a damaged water line causes soft, mushy patches on your grass. Water pouring into the soil causes these patches to appear. Check your property for leaks on a regular basis, and if you find any soft patches during dry weather, call Kamloops sewer line repair and water main repair right away. It’s a sign that the water main has to be examined for a leak.…