How to Get Good Reviews

People love reviews just check the popularity of websites such as IMDB, yelp or trip advisor, and you will get a picture of this. For business owners, reviews either make or break them; this makes it very important to find ways to improve your reviews.

If you get negative reviews then your business will definitely feel the impact of low sales and low income. The question is what can you do to improve your online reviews?

You start with your services

The thing is you can’t get positive reviews if you offer poor quality products or services. The same is true if you are unfriendly to your customers.

The first thing you should do here is check the reviews that already exist. If people are saying bad things then you need to correct something. If people are saying good things then you need to improve, the idea is not to get comfortable but to always be at the top of your game.

If you are offering a service such as accommodation or transport, ensure that the facilities are always in good condition and that your staff is always friendly, remember writing a bad review can be done in a matter of minutes but will have long lasting effects on your business.

If something is bothering your customer ensure you resolve it.

Build a web presence

You can’t build a reputation if no one knows who you are, if you run a business you should sign up with reviewers such as yelp or trip advisor. Positive reviews will get you recognition and customers the reverse is also true.

You should also expand into social media, social media is a place where people share their experiences, so create a page for your business and let your customers share their experiences. Remember always treat your customers like royalty.

Don’t wait for it, ask for it

When most people have a positive experience, they never remember to write about it. But when someone has a negative experience the response will be quick. This makes it important to always ask your customers to write you a review.

You can even follow up after a couple of days, but take caution not to annoy the customer. Remember ask your happy customers to write you a review not a dissatisfied one.

Don’t ignore bad reviews

If you ignore bad reviews they won’t simply go away, they will remain there and will impact your business. What you should do is work with the bad review, don’t start a war be polite and resolve the issue.

The only time you should apologize is when you receive a warranted bad review, once you apologize inform the customers the steps you have taken to resolve the issue. If you do this the bad review can turn good when the customer expresses satisfaction with what you have done.

Don’t get defensive to listen to what the dissatisfied customer is saying and reach out to him or her directly, this will show them that you actually care about their opinions.

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